Thursday, April 21, 2016

New old photos

I have memories from my childhood of nature photos and 16mm movies shot in the West. The pictures were usually overexposed and the colors washed out. (I learned later that red pigments fade the fastest but that a trace remains longer than the other colors.) These memories came back as I fiddled with some Photoshop filters. Suddenly I'm in a darkened Boy Scout meeting room watching a movie about the Philmont Scout Ranch. For us kids living on the East Coast, going to Philmont was such a pipe dream. It never happened then, but I'm doing my own version of it now, every day.


  1. National Geographic, Walt Disney and dozens of old westerns were my intro to the west and amazingly I was not disappointed by the real thing when I eventually made it out here, so much so that I stayed!

    1. And some of those old westerns were filmed right here at Alabama Hills and Movie Flats.

  2. Nothing like finally living a dream.