Wednesday, April 6, 2016

And some days work out just fine

I wouldn't have known about Parker Canyon Lake if I hadn't studied my Benchmark Atlas for Arizona. It's way down at the end of state highway 83, almost to Mexico. Even though it's so far south, it's at 5,400 feet, so it's not hot this time of year.

The campground is divided into separate areas: one for motor coaches and trailers, and one for tent camping. The tent camping area is closer to the water and has much better views. Since I'm not in an RV or trailer, I got to camp in the tent area. Nothing says one must pitch a tent there. I had the place to myself except for one couple that chose a site a respectable distance away. All sites are $10 a night, $5 with an interagency senior pass.

There are vault toilets and water is available at spigots scattered about. There's also a boat launch and small store. And, in the morning, deer come out to graze.


  1. Sounds like my kind of place. How are the trees vs solar?

    1. Trees love solar! Yay photosynthesis!

      Oh, you mean how does my solar panel cope with trees? I park where there's the most open sky.