Saturday, August 12, 2017

Distributing current and transferring torque

Forrest has started running wires for the 12-volt system. Lights, USB ports, etc.  I imagine the wires will be tidied up before they're covered with insulation and exterior cladding. He'll also be running a bit of 110-volt wiring.

The interior has all been varnished and now trim is going on. Nice stove. It would be a shame to dirty it up by actually cooking with it. This is why restaurants were invented.

Yesterday Forrest and a drivetrain-savvy friend worked on installing the transfer case. They positioned it, aligned it, measured, repositioned it, cursed, resigned themselves to the exhaust pipe being exactly in the way and needing a new one, then made some mounting plates. Once the transfer case is in place, three new driveshafts will need to be made to fit. All this is why converting to four-wheel-drive is complicated and expensive.

The truck isn't going anywhere for a while

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