Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tail end

I need new wiper blades

I hate being the last one in line when traffic is stopped for road work, especially when it's on a curve. I worry the next person to come along won't be paying attention and they'll plow into me. So I've started turning on my emergency flashers. And I watch the mirror. I breathe easier when an attentive driver rolls to a nice easy stop behind me. Once that situation is under control, I can spend my energy being impatient and whining at the flagman, which is what one is supposed to do at times like this.


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  2. You are right to worry and to use flashers. I got rear ended today while waiting for the driver in front of me to get parallel parked. Fortunately the bumpers did what they were supposed to do and took the impact without it getting to the frames of body panels. My stout little Honda Element was declared the winner over the big public utility company van that smacked into me. That is because it has a good stout hitch receiver right below the bumper that acted like a fist and beat him up. I will still need a new bumper as the foam in mine got compressed. But I think the hitch receiver is what saved me from getting any frame and body damage to the rear end.