Sunday, August 20, 2017

Washing up and back

A week or so ago one of my sisters posted a photo of her hiking the Grand Wash in Capitol Reef National Park. "Wait," I thought, "How did I miss that place?" So I went there yesterday.

I love tall, narrow canyons. While the beginning and end of the Grand Wash are wider and shallower, the middle—The Narrows—is dramatic and cozy.

The parking lot at the southwest end of the wash gets crowded, which is why I skipped it when I was at Capitol Reef before. But there's a pull-out at the northeast end that had plenty of room when I arrived shortly after sunrise. The Narrows are also closer to that end.


  1. Kent has a fishing trip planned to Torrey this weekend, if his brother doesn't bail on him like he did the last time. If his brother bails, then I may tag a long. How long will you be in the area?

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your August notes and somehow you managed to find the best spots! Also thanks for the laughs!