Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nice place, better time

After being smoked out of Glacier National Park, I continued up the road and found a nice little campground by a beautiful lake. And there was sunshine.

Dickey Lake, Trego, Montana

Perfect temperature, light breeze, not flies, no crowds, not much smoke. It was good conditions for relaxing and contemplating where to go next.

Canada is just up the road. I have my freshly renewed passport. I don't have any Canadian stickers on the wall. So that was a possibility. But British Columbia looks pretty much like where I am now. And border crossings have become annoying.

As I was considering my options, the sky clouded over and there was the predictable summer afternoon thunderstorm. But it was brief.

Too bad the storm wasn't of the intensity or duration that would help with the wildfires in the region. But at least the lightning didn't ignite more fires.


  1. Last year about this time, I went up to BC through a bunch of their national parks. Well worth it. Will blow your mind. On the other hand, it also turns out Canada has the same Labor Day weekend as us, so they'll be FUBAR this for the next week.

  2. You're in a nice more rural area now for the holiday weekend. I wanted to mention to you that Fall can be excellent in Montana.. late September and early October...if one does not need all the tourist hotels and such (which you would not). The Yaak Valley over toward the West Glacier area and down the Seeley-Swan Valley are areas with a good showing of tamaracks (larch). Those are needle trees that turn bright yellow and then gold in the Fall and then drop their needles. The flaming yellows look awesome mixed with evergreens and in large stands of their own. If you Google Montana larch, you should see some images to pique your interest. Maybe.