Monday, August 28, 2017

Teton substitute

The entire Teton/Yellowstone area is a crowded tourist haven, yet everyone should see it at least once. But if you've been there, and you want some of that western Wyoming mountain goodness with fewer humans around, there's the Granite Creek area. Mountains, forests, stream, waterfall, wildlife, fly fishing, free dispersed camping, reasonably priced campground, hot springs...

43°18'45"N, 110°27'33"W

The downside is that Granite Creek is no secret. (And now that I've posted about it, it's even less of a secret. Rats.) It might be hard snagging a dispersed spot during prime season. I lucked out.

A fellow nomad came by to chat and he informed me the Forest Service had imposed a four day dispersed camping limit rather than the typical fourteen or sixteen days. Popular area, high season, Labor Day weekend coming, and so on. Well it was only a stopover for me. I want to continue north before it gets too cold. I discovered a little frozen condensation around the edge of the windshield (outside, not inside). That's a sign. Gotta go.

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