Sunday, August 27, 2017

Go your own way

Marv misses being a project manager, Belle enjoyed her career as an accountant

Someone in the full-time RVer world, who likely had a career in some highly structured profession, came up with a system for proper travel. Some people call it the Rule of Twos and it's something like this:
Drive no more than 200 miles a day
Arrive at your destination before 2:00PM
Stay at least two days
Eh, that’s an adequate plan for the type of people who need plans. You probably don’t want to wear yourself out by driving long distances. You don’t want to arrive someplace too late to get a space or be setting up in the dark. And if you go to the trouble of getting somewhere, it doesn’t make much sense to be dashing off.

I’m not a systematized person. I resist structure unless there’s a compelling reason, like getting paid. So I give the Rule of Twos two middle fingers. This is my life, my golden years, so I’m going to do it however I please. And probably not the same way twice. At least not on purpose.

Here are some variations on the Rule of Twos.
Stay up until 2:00AM
Drive two miles
Stay two months 
Cross two state lines
Give a lift to two hitchhikers
Stay twenty miles from the nearest human 
Walk 2,000 yards
Take 200 photos
Publish two of them in the blog 
Plan tomorrow’s route twice
Change the plan two more times
Stay in bed another two hours
You could make your own Rule of Twos. And it doesn’t need to be two. It can be whatever. Yeah, that’s it: the Rule of Whatever. Whatever you want. Whatever you feel like. Whatever works for you.


  1. Now where is that "Like" button...

  2. Yeah! When I first read that "be off the road by 2 pm" I thought, "that doesn't work well for us who go to bed at 2 AM." But, I know one woman in particular who tries to get everyone to live by that first rule of 2s. I like yours better.

  3. That's lovely. I like your approach to life.