Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doubling back

Great Salt Lake as seen from Antelope Island

By the time I remembered Antelope Island State Park I had already passed the exit. "Oh yeah, there's camping there, and it would be a new and possibly interesting place to go—one which I managed to ignore the years I lived in Utah. So I turned around.

It's not all about staring at the glassy serenity of Great Salt Lake or going for a swim in the extra-buoyant water. (The park is kind enough to have showers so you can wash the brine from your body.) There are also bison.

And, of course, antelope, because it's not named Bison Island.


  1. The story behind the bison and the homestaed there were also very interesting, i thought.

  2. Great pictures. Sorry that we weren't able to connect as you came through town.