Monday, September 4, 2017

I can be wrong about things (often)

Fact: all the campgrounds are full during Labor Day weekend.

Um, no, not true.

As I drove up the east side of the Columbia River I saw a sign for Marcus Island Campground. Hmmm, what was that like? I turned in.

It was nice. And. Completely. Empty. The kind of empty that makes you wonder why? Did I miss a closed sign? Was it infested with flies? Was it the site of horrible murders? A toxic dump? Mmmmm, not that I could tell. And there was sunlight. All right! I took the best spot, of course.

I continued up the river this morning and saw another campground just five miles up the road. How did it compare to Marcus Island? Well, it wasn't as scenic. And it was crowded. Okay, people, why here but not the other place? Maybe there was something to the murders/toxic dump theories. Or maybe people are just weird.

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