Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Home tour

Here's the interior of Forrest's camper. The mattress, curtains and composting toilet still need to be installed, but it's essentially finished.


  1. Great Camper, looks professional, one thing I notice: is a "Boy's Camper"... A bicycle in the place of a closet :-) :-) :-) Congratulation to Forrest. Very good craftsman.
    Enjoy it!

  2. A shame you have to have window covering. Love the openness. Great job Forest and Lou and Al

  3. Window coverings?? There is no Walmart in the middle of these canyons and deserts.

  4. Hello Forrest, hope this helps... In my camper I made a "Cross ventilation". Sometimes for security I have to keep the windows closed. I made a vent in the floor under the back seat with both a heavy mesh and a mosquito mesh... and a plywood door of course.
    The cool air from the shadow under the camper travels all around and goes out trough two vents in the roof. Better if parked in a shade.

  5. I don't feel envy often. Just not my nature. But now I'm green and burnin' with it! :-D