Saturday, September 9, 2017

Up she goes

I arrived back at Forrest's shop just in time to help get the camper up on the truck. I suggested we wait until tomorrow's party when everyone could just muscle it into place. Hold my beer and heave-ho!

But the four of us jacked it bit by bit, stacking pallets underneath. Then going out for more pallets. And more pallets. For a small town, Ridgway has a lot of pallets on hand.

When the camper was high enough, we installed the stilts and Forrest backed the truck as we pulled out pallets.

Forrest is much better at backing than I am

The positions of the locating pegs were marked and the truck was pulled out so holes could be cut.

In case you're wondering, it's about 10.5 feet to the top of the camper. And a custom ladder will be made for the entry.

UPDATE: The camper was finally in place and Forrest took it on its maiden voyage, with Lou and I riding in back. In style.


  1. Can't wait for more pics of this awesome project.

  2. That is so cool..From the beginning to now. Some folks have such great talents....Not me..At least I am aware of my inabilities...

    1. To begin any project;one needs the proper Tools! How many people have two floor jacks?, welders,etc.,etc. Once one has those the imagination sets the limit!