Saturday, September 23, 2017

The olden days

Something caught my eye when I emptied my pocket change on the hotel table. Oh, look, an old "wheat" penny. You don't see many of those in the wild anymore. I turned it over to see the date. Cool, 1944.


  1. I wonder if that one has collector's value?

    Hmmm. The internet says about 15 cents. In mint condition it would be worth about $6.

  2. Isn't that one of the steel years to accommodate the wartime need for copper?

  3. A 1943 copper penny would make you rich. As I recall from my childhood
    Coin collecting days, only 7 were made,
    The rest of 43's were zinc. These days I would imagine it's worth a pretty penny. Pretty to the toon of hundreds
    Of thousands of dollars. That's one way
    To squeeze change out of a Lincoln.

  4. 1943 were steel pennies. I think the one that John Spoken is thinking about was 1909(s). That one was rare. I have the steel ones (circulated) which aren't of much value. I have the 1909 in fair condition, but not the one minted in San Francisco.

    1. John was right. I stand corrected. There were copper pennies in 1943.