Friday, September 8, 2017

Not quite instant karma

It was warm last night so I slept with a window open. Some mosquitoes slipped in and drew blood samples without my permission. They weren't bad bites, just mildly itchy, enough to let me know what happened.

I left the Antelope Island State Park just after it was light, and as I cruised along the causeway I plowed through a cloud of mosquitoes. They had probably gathered to plan the day's attacks.

I hope the ones that bit me are among the slaughtered. My apologies to the innocent butterfly.


  1. Citronella shampoo...I get it at the pet stores, wash hair and body, smells good and it does repel them. Also repels fleas and ticks. Camper's best friend :)

    1. But I could still enjoy slaughtering mosquitoes, right? ;)

  2. Citronella does not work....Deet is the only defense..
    Tested personally....

  3. I got screens for my van just use magnets to hold them on...pretty simple slam the door on the top edge and plop a couple magnets on the bottom outside on the metal below the great. I hang a pair of sheer curtain panels over the double doors attach them to the drip edge with a gripper clip just squeeze it and attach it to the drip edge catch the top edge of the curtain in it...easy to put up and take down! I use 2 so I can overlap a bit and then enter by parting with my hands.

  4. I rub bear grease all over my naked body then light up a sagebrush and jump through the fire a few times.

    Makes a crispy crust that mosquitoes don't like.

    Then again, it tends to make the bears come around.

    Bears vs mosquitoes ... that's a tough call.